We sat down with OCEANO on a last minute request at The Pin in Spokane, Wa on Friday, April 14th, 2017! These guys are truly awesome dudes with super killer personalities! It’s crazy to us how laid back and chill these guys are, considering how crazy heavy and brutal their music is! Nothing but love from the Spokane Music Mag Crew! Huge thanks goes out to Ryan Levey of Monumental Booking for being so generous and making this happen on a whim! Your hospitality is truly gracious and we thank you very, very much!

Check out the Interview below to see what we’re talking about! And fyi…we apologize for the less-than-perfect audio quality…like we said, it was last minute and spur of the moment! I guess next time we’ll make sure we have the right equipment on hand and ready to go wherever we are!  \m/

Be sure to check out Oceano’s Facebook Page @

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  • Interview Video Intro (Temp)
    Interview Video Intro (Temp)
  • Oceana Interview
    Oceana Interview

FROM OCEANO’S FACEBOOK PAGE: The band’s trademark vicious hybrid of bone-splintering brutality ascends into a new realm and reach previously undiscovered depths. Their signature sound is revitalized through guitarists Scott Smith and Michael Kasper (Carnivale/Dead To Fall) and bassist Chris Wagner (Monsters). Vocalist Adam Warren’s visceral screams and guttural onslaught are further refined and expanded with near inhuman tone.