“By definition, Nogunaso means don’t complain. I have been watching this band since they formed in the summer of 2015 and I definitely have no complaint’s. Hailing from Washington, Nogunaso is one of Spokane’s newest alternative rock bands. They have exploded on the scene touting an exquisite amalgamation of funk and grunge.

The front man, Chris McClure, exudes raw energy while simultaneously drawing within himself. His sick riffs stay right on time as he bellows out his intense and at times, pained lyrics. Back up vocalist and bass player, Christopher McLain, adds an appealing texture to their sound. His harmonizing vocals, mesmerizing and magnetic liquid riffs, and patented white boy overbite are sure to capture your attention at every show. Spanking the skins we find Derome Martin, the ever enigmatic keeper of time. His skills as a drummer and all around musician are only bested by the tortured faces he makes when he’s “feeling” the music.

What could be better than the sound we call Nogunaso? Only the attitude of this dynamic trio! They are each very musically talented, kind, and generous humans. You’ll find seven masterful tracks on their latest release, A Fistful Of Nogunaso. This album is an absolute must have! I find myself at a loss trying to come up with a comparable band. I guess you’ll have to buy their cd and have a listen for yourself.

The next time I get to see Nogunaso, it will be with their newest member. I’m stoked to hear what flavor Danny Darko adds to this inspiring band that hundreds have fallen in love with instantly.”

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Written by:
Kerry Schultz
Contributing Writer
Spokane Music Mag