Hello everyone…Leo here! So, we’ve changed the “News & Updates” section to the new “Editor’s Blog” section! Here I will be making posts from time to time about various subjects that aren’t Artist Review, Interview, or Featured related. The posts I do put in this section will however always be related to the Mag and our amazing music community! Most of the time I will post on Sundays with highlights from the week and may throw in a Wednesday post occasionally. Today will just be a random post to kick things off.

Couple of things I want to share with everyone…..

  1. Keep an eye on the Advertisements sections in the Right & Left Sidebars, the Top Header, the Footer area, and everywhere in between! These advertisers are what is keeping us alive right now on the financial end of the spectrum. Without them, we’d really be struggling! Every Ad is clickable…meaning the Ad is linked to the Advertiser’s Website, Facebook Page, Event Page, etc. When you click the Ad, it will take you to the website or page of whatever the Advertiser is advertising! Please support our Advertisers as much as you possible can! We, and they, really appreciate it!
  2. We are ALWAYS looking for Volunteers to join our team! Photographers, Video people, Assistants, Review Writers, Interviewers, Graphic Designers, etc! If you got skills and would be willing to lend us a hand, all you have to do is inquire via email to – Right now, we really need someone to do some Voice Overs on a few intro videos we’re working on as well as a “personality” to represent The Mag in future promos! Again…these are all Volunteer positions, but we’re currently in the process of finding ways to compensate our people! This is still a “start-up” of sorts, so now is the time to get your foot in the door!
  3. Our website has been “socialized”! You can now create a User Profile, add Friends, make Status Posts to your Profile, Private Message other Users, Join and Create groups, add Photos, etc…all on our website! Of course, you will need to Register for a FREE User Account to do all that!  LOL  In the future, we will be running User Only contests and giveaways. So register for your free Spokane Music Mag User Account today! If you ever need assistance, look for the “We’re Online Now!” tab at the bottom of any page on our website (if we’re offline, it’ll say “Mail”)! You’ll be chatting with yours truly there! If I’m not online at that moment, it’ll give you the option to send me an email directly! I’ll get a notification on my phone and if I can, I will jump online within 2 minutes to give you a hand! Pretty cool stuff!
  4. Last, but certainly not least…Spokane Music Mag is a great resource for bands to get the word out! All of us here, and the bands we cover, would greatly appreciate everyone giving LIKES on Facebook and lending your support! Even if their music isn’t really to your liking, it’d still be absolutely amazing of you to help get the word out! These bands, whether you think they’re good or not, work extremely hard writing and performing their music as well as promoting their group! Each and every one of them deserve some kind of recognition for that. YOU can really make a difference in their world! SUPPORT YOUR MUSIC SCENE!

So that’s it for now everyone! Stay tuned for my next post this coming Wednesday! I’ll be talking about some of the upcoming shows happening this month through March and what you can do to help get the word out! I’ll also be talking about a few future projects that Spokane Music Mag is working on and what we need for all that!

Take Care and ROCK ON!

Editor / CEO / Founder
Spokane Music Mag