We had the great honor of sitting down with MICHALE GRAVES (Misfits: 1995-2000) for an interview at The Pin in Spokane, Wa on Sunday, April 9th, 2017. We just have to say that Michale is one awesome dude! He’s all about his family, friends, fans, and of course…the love of music! What an amazing guy and extremely amazing talent! This interview will be forever burned in our memories!

Check out the Interview below and PLEASE…check out Michale’s Facebook Page @ – Be sure to tell him that we sent you!  \m/

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INTERVIEW: Michale Graves (Misfits)

  • INTERVIEW: Michale Graves (Misfits)
    INTERVIEW: Michale Graves (Misfits)

FROM MICHALE’S FACEBOOK PAGE: “Michale Graves is an American singer-songwriter and musician whose career has spanned nearly two decades. Michale entered the music scene as lead singer of The Misfits and after leaving the band embarked on a successful solo career. He has also appeared in many acclaimed film projects including “Bruiser”, Campfire Stories” and notably starring in “Perkin 14”. In August of 2012 Michale joined Hydraulic Entertainment as President and lead artist and began the most productive phase of his explosive career.”

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