Do ya like to swing? Do ya baby?

Since I follow the Palomino’s Facebook page, the advert for an April 22nd show popped up about three days prior. As I read the promo I was intrigued with the whole “Electro-Swing” concept. Having been raised on many genres of music besides rock and roll, such as jazz, blues, and swing, it would be a welcome change of pace to see “Hot Club of Spokane” perform.

I must say that I would have never thought of mixing a DJ with brass and strings yet, there they were meshing. A combination of samples and synthesis, strings and brass finely arranged and executed. Violin is not an instrument typically found associated with swing but there it was, and it fit nicely. There are ample sprinklings too, from the hot jazz style, that really brings together this new sound of swing. Of course swing is not swing without a sultry voice. So, when that voice is easy on the eyes as well? Indeed it is refreshing to see ladies dressed to the 9’s and gentlemen in white shirts and black ties, performing one of the best musical styles created.

My mom and dad fell in love during the swing era. I look at the pictures of them at an old dance hall and think, that must have been some kinda time. People trying to impress each other with fitted dresses and tailored suits. Yeah, now that’s style baby! The bands played black tie affairs on a nightly basis, for the girls that loved to dance and flirt. Young folks falling in love during a time when romance was king. The group of musicians I speak of understand this. Dress tight to play tight. Truly a different era that was. Sharply dressed and cooking, an old vibe with a new twist is brought to you by the Hot Club of Spokane band, “Electro-Swing”.

Spokane gentlemen polish your shoes, ladies put on your best pair of hosiery. Go out, catch a show and dance.

Hot Club of Spokane line up for the Palomino show was:
Anna Jo MuhichLead Vocals
Mikaella CroskreyFiddle, Vocals
Michael HarrisonTrumpet, Vocals
Robert FolieAlto Sax, Bari Sax
Patrick MorganBass Guitar
Matthew HensonTenor Sax, DJ’, Arrangements and Charts
Garrin HertelRhythm Guitar, Vocals, Bandleader

To learn more about Hot Club of Spokane and to find dates for upcoming shows, pay them a visit on their Facebook page:

Written by:
Jeff Wheeler
(aka Alias Jones)
FORMER Senior Staff Writer
Spokane Music Mag