GIVEAWAY TIME! 1 Lucky Winner (plus 1 guest) get to hang with MOTOGRATER and HED P.E. Tomorrow Night (Tuesday, May 9th, 2017) at The Big Dipper…BEFORE THE SHOW! Here’s your chance to WIN an Honorary Staff Member Laminate from Spokane Music Mag which gives you, and your guest, Access to the Venue prior to the doors opening!

Before the doors open, you and your guest will get to do a Meet & Greet with the band, witness their Sound Check, get their Autographs…the WHOLE NINE! You guys will also get to chill and watch us conduct an Exclusive Interview with the bands (you guys will also be introduced in the video as well)! Probably the coolest part of this deal is…the MEMORIES!

So…how do you enter? Follow these steps:

1.) LIKE our Facebook post here:
2.) SHARE our Facebook post on your Facebook Page
3.) REGISTER for a FREE User Account right here on our Website
4.) Go back to our Facebook Post and COMMENT “done”

ALL 4 of the above steps must be met in order to be eligible…so make sure your Facebook SHARE is “Public”! (we have 4 people verifying) Everyone who meets these requirements will have their NAME put into the Drawing! If you miss even just one step, you will not be eligible! So if you really want to WIN, follow the steps above!

Want extra entries into this Giveaway? Here are 2 ways to get even more chances to WIN:

A.) Purchase our Member VIP Card and get an Automatic Entry (be sure to use the name displayed on your Facebook Profile so that we know who to credit)! You will also be Automatically Entered into every giveaway from time of purchase forward…for the rest of the year!
B.) Make a Donation via the “Donation” Link on our website and get 1 Entry for every Dollar Donated! (again…be sure to use the name displayed on your Facebook Profile so that we know who to credit)

So that’s it! History in the making for The Mag right here! It’s all about building a Strong Community and without you…well…there’d be no “us”! YOU, the fans, are why we do what we do! Help` us grow…jump aboard…let’s roll and grow together! \m/

DISCLAIMER: Volunteers and Staff of Spokane Music Mag are ineligible for this Giveaway! The Laminate that you and your guest are given are good for the night of the show ONLY and may be kept as a momento thereafter. It may NOT be used after Tuesday, May 9th, 2017 for any purpose! By wearing your Laminate at the venue, you agree to represent Spokane Music Mag and you must act in a professional manner (your welcome to get up, mosh, and rock out while the bands are playing). You should also be spreading the word about Spokane Music Mag as well. Anyone taking advantage of their laminate and/or misrepresnting Spokane Music Mag in any way, shape, or form, will automatically be banned from future Giveaways and may also be asked to leave the venue!