“Alright Spokompton, here’s a question for ya’ all…..

Where was the place to be, the place to live fast and large in the 80’s and 90’s? Here’s a hint; imagine a strip, add some dive bars and motorcycles. Have you ever heard about the Alaskan or the Comet? Now some will understand… that place could only be… “Dogtown”! (that’s Hillyard for the uninitiated).

Fast forward a number of years. The Comet is long gone, the Alaskan a victim of fire and the strip is lined with signs stating “20 is Plenty” yeah right…. Under this facade of antique shops and what not, still pounds the heart of what was. The chicks and the bars, the sound of countless V-Twins rippin’ it down the street kicking ass and taking names.

With great anticipation I waited for March 22nd and Hillyard’s long over due revival at the Palomino.

Dogtown 420 absolutely blew me away! My high expectations were surpassed! This band brings me back to the way rock music was played. The boundless energy and drive that remembers those chopper jockeys larger than life, jamming gears on a suicide chop and chasing some tail. All the while fueled up on Weed, High Octane and Jack Daniels! Oh my, now that’s living man! Immediately from the first tune “No Regrets”(what are those anyway?) and slapping gears all the way to the last tune “Shit Show Drama Queen”, my face was ripped right off! This pounding heart beat I’m talking about? The Hillyard revival? That would be the sound of Pure Rock & Roll at it’s Core. Dogtown 420!

I briefly met with the boys to get a few more details on the bands history and the members who make Dogtown the band it is. In the interim following their debut, the band made a change by moving vocalist/bassist Marty Mckinney to lead vocals/front man and adding Joe Oliver to take over the bass guitar duties. When cautiously approached on the subject of being seasoned rock musicians, the answer was unanimous and proudly put forth. “We are in the platinum years, 200+ years experience combined”.

Ronny Too: Guitars – formerly of Witch, Max Havoc
Greg Edgzumb: Guitars – formerly of Fast Eddie, Von-Dutch
Marty McKinney: Lead Vocals – formerly of The Edge
Joe Oliver: Bass Guitar – formerly of Bitter Sweet, Wiser Sin, 33
Chris Olson: Drums – formerly of Citizen Kane, Psycho Squad, Sole Patrol, Haven

You can learn more about Dogtown 420 @

Awesome show guys, now where is my album?”

Written by:
Jeff Wheeler (aka Alias Jones)
FORMER Senior Staff Writer
Spokane Music Mag